What is a Human Being?

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? We are all Human Beings. It sounds like each person we see around us. But we are each two separate entities: The Human and The Being

The Human is our ego side. That which wants to take over and run the show. The Human does not always take others into consideration. This part of us can become our enemy and can stop us from evolving and growing.

The Being is our Be-InG(od) side. This is the part of us that is the higher being. As the French philosopher/priest Pierre Teilhard de Cardin states, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Obviously, we need both sides of us to work properly. We cannot function as pure spirit. We need the Human side of us to function, to feel and to use all of our senses, However, if we only use our Human side, we make poor decisions. We live in the ego and make decisions that are not for the greater good. We event vote for who will be the best for ourself, rather than who would be best for the greater good.

When the Human the Being show up together, we are whole.

To use an example we can all understand – together the Human and the Being are a team. The Human is the player and the Being is the coach. Neither one can win without the other. The Coach (Being) makes the best decisions for the team (the greater good). The Player (Human) is needed to make the plays, but should not make the important decisions in life.

Which part of you is in charge? If it is the Human, you need to take a long look at yourself. Bring forth your Being. Let the Being in yourself loose and make decisions in your work and your life for the good of all.

YOU can change your world. Once you do, you can change the world around you. You can start voting for the right candidates. You can start understanding how important you are in your own life and others’. Bring out your Being!

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You Are The Anti-Bully Who Can Stop Trump! Remember to Vote!

Thus we come to an end of the 2016 Election cycle. It’s time to choose between Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. Choose wisely as only one is clearly a Bully. Only one sees things in the singular way a Bully sees things and that’s how it ultimately helps them. That person, Donald Trump, is your Bully.

If you want to stop a Bully, your own Anti-Bully needs to step up and say “NO!”

So I will keep this simple: Vote!!!

Remember, someone else is counting on your vote to help their vote have meaning. Together all our votes can stop the Human Bully.

God Bless America!

Are You A Bully? Is Trump One?

We are all Bullies! You are a Bully! I am a Bully! And it is so hard to admit that because most of us don’t think of ourselves that way. We think we are nice. We are respectful and kind. And if you call us something other than that we will fight you tooth and nail, you son-of-a-bitch.

We measure how much of a bully we are against someone like Donald Trump. We don’t see ourselves as angry or as dysfunctional as Trump. We are not like him so we cannot be a bully.


We all have a percentage of us in us that is a Bully. It’s the Human side of us. The one that gets angry at the supermarket cashier because he packed your eggs upside down in the bag. The teacher who called you about your child’s behavior after your stressful day at work and gets you upset. Or the person in you who reacts badly because your spouse forgot to pick up the cleaning after you reminded them this morning. We react badly to things big and small and lash out because the Human side of us is often weak and tired. It causes us to say and do things out-of-character or so it seems. It’s almost at times an out-of-body experience where we do or say things and we don’t exactly know why. We lose control.

Each of us also has the Anti-Bully in us too. It’s that voice that comes to us silently.

Have you ever woke up after sleeping and suddenly that problem is answered or put into proper perspective? Have you ever experienced the runner’s high where you hear and think nothing and the only experience you are left with is strictly internal as if you can only hear the sound of your breathing? If you meditate you may have experienced that calmness that can come with it. You see that’s your Anti-Bully or Your Human “Being” working and protecting you.

Each of us is a Bully but we have the Anti-Bully within us. It can defeat any Bully at any time. Remind it to vote on Tuesday to defeat whomever you feel is the Bully running for President.



Wanna Stop a Bully? Then Why Are You Voting for One?

In the quiet moments when you are at peace your bully disappears. Why is this?

The answer is simply because the Human finally shuts down and your Being takes over. It’s here where you find your bliss and the calm you are seeking. It’s here where you find answers to the day’s questions and problems. It’s here where you find THE REAL YOU!

To stop a bully we have to turn away from the bully inside of us. To admit that we each have some amount of fear and distress within takes the strength that each of us already has in our Being. And in this election cycle that’s where we have to turn…to our Being . It’s there that we hear the truth, the answers and yes, the courage to stop the bullying around us. If we go to our Being, that person who we really are, we can reject all bullies that exist whether they are internal or external.

So if you’re against bullying this election cycle, don’t allow one to decide for you your future! Vote for your own interest. Vote for your Being!  Because your Being is the Anti-Bully and for you to win in the game of Life, your Anti-Bully must win too!