Wanna Stop a Bully? Then Why Are You Voting for One?

In the quiet moments when you are at peace your bully disappears. Why is this?

The answer is simply because the Human finally shuts down and your Being takes over. It’s here where you find your bliss and the calm you are seeking. It’s here where you find answers to the day’s questions and problems. It’s here where you find THE REAL YOU!

To stop a bully we have to turn away from the bully inside of us. To admit that we each have some amount of fear and distress within takes the strength that each of us already has in our Being. And in this election cycle that’s where we have to turn…to our Being . It’s there that we hear the truth, the answers and yes, the courage to stop the bullying around us. If we go to our Being, that person who we really are, we can reject all bullies that exist whether they are internal or external.

So if you’re against bullying this election cycle, don’t allow one to decide for you your future! Vote for your own interest. Vote for your Being!  Because your Being is the Anti-Bully and for you to win in the game of Life, your Anti-Bully must win too!

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