After the Fact Crazy Trump

We the People are U.S.A., not Trump or any other crazy politician like him.

We are a Human and a Be-in-G(od). Trump’s human side has taken over, like a Mussolini. The human side gets us in trouble, like Trump. Our Be-in-G(od) side is our spiritual side.

Before it’s too late, we need a Spiritual Revolution! Learn how to get in touch with your Be-in-G(od) side, by meditating. It’s easy!

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A Strong Need for a Daily Meditation

The Las Vegas situation was done by a sick, human mind. There is a strong need for a daily human mind meditation therapy.

USA What Have You Done!

You have given freedom and democracy
To your people and to the rest
Of the world.
And yet still something is wrong!
The rich are getting richer
And the poor are getting poorer.
You have created a society
That whatever they have
Is never enough.
We cheat, steal and even kill!
To satisfy our Ego.
Be aware that what we call Ego
Is the Human side of us
Doing it to us!
And it’s out of control!
This is who you gave freedom
And democracy to?!
To a crazy person?!
And now it’s going cuckoo!
The whole world over,
Bad economy, wars, etc.
It’s time for the Being (spirit)
Side of us to be in charge
Of us!
Before somebody’s Human (ego)
Pushes the button
And there goes Planet Earth!
We need more Being (spiritual)
Freedom and less Human (ego) freedom!
Cuckoo freedom!
Crazy freedom!

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