A Time to Break the Silence

In 1967 Martin Luther King, Jr. gave a speech, “Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break the Silence” stating his commitment to non-violence. He specifically denounced America’s involvement in the Vietnam War.

King started his speech with, “A time comes when silence is betrayal…”. This can also be said about the human. Silence about the human is a betrayal. The human is a self-destructive creature animal. The human is it’s own worst enemy, a traitor to the human race. The human betrays itself.

Donald Trump’s human side betrays himself and America. The doctor gave him a clean bill of health – he may be physically fit, but he’s mentally sick. His human side blocks his spiritual side. Mr. Trump needs, America needs, him to get in touch with his spiritual side. He should take the time to meditate, let his spiritual side win over his human side.


by Vincent Lucio Parisi

Wanting to be right all the time
Is a disease of the human mind (the Ego)
Some people call it pride

Wanting to be
In control
All the time

It even lies and kills sometimes
Just to prove
That it is right

That’s how it functions
The human mind (the Ego)

Look at most Politicians Religions Nationalities
And some Presidents
How they lie

Even kill
To be right
And call it

That’s a disease
Of the human mind (the Ego)


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