5 Minute Prayer Meditation

Do you have 5 minutes? You’d be surprised that you really do have 5 minutes, several times during the day. Pope Francis suggests breaking up our prayers throughout the day. Instead of just praying once or twice a day, pray for a few minutes several times during the day.

Prayer, through Breathing Meditation, is a simple way to reach or discover God, remember that God is within us at all times.

So let’s take 5 minutes to pray, with Breathing Meditation. In this exercise, we use the first paragraph of The Lord’s Prayer, but you can use whatever prayer works for you. Prayer meditation through breathing, can be done anywhere at any time, and not disturb anyone if you say the words in your head and not out loud. If you’re waiting for an appointment, after parking your car, commuting on the subway or bus, before bed, when you wake in the morning, there are endless opportunities.

Our (breathe in)
Father, (breathe out)
who art (breathe in)
in heaven, (breathe out)
hallowed be (breathe in)
thy Name, (breathe out)
thy kingdom (breathe in)
come, (breathe out)
thy will (breathe in)
be done, (breathe out)
on earth (breathe in)
as it is (breathe out)
in heaven. (breathe in)

The above is one way of prayer meditation, you can choose whatever prayer works for you. When you first begin with prayer meditation, start with a short paragraph, individual words, or even numbers. Over time as you progress, you can add the next paragraph.

So what’s stopping you? It’s only 5 minutes. What’s stopping you, it’s your human side! Stop the human bully within you, let your spiritual, being side take over, for peace within you. Breathing Meditation helps you with struggles and challenges in your life such as trying to lose weight, overcome addiction, dealing with bullying, and more. Benefits include peace of mind, letting go of stress, rejuvenation, improved health.

Read some of my poems for a better understanding.

Be good to yourself, it’s the only one you got!


The power of honest thinking

The power of honest thinking. For example, is a glass of water half full or half empty? Half full = positive thinking. Half empty = negative thinking.

Let’s be honest, it’s a half a glass of water. Honest thinking gives us honesty in life, politics, religious beliefs.

The power of honest thinking eliminates all choices. “Honest to God”, “So help me God.”

National Day of Prayer

Today is National Day of Prayer. Let’s take 5 minutes.

Breathe, in/out and say: we all are, I am, a perfect spiritual being because God, universal spirit, created us, me, in his own image called unconditional love. Having a human experience called celebrating life with unconditional love.

A-men, wo-men.