The “Human” Trump

There is quite a bit of “Human” Trump in all of us humans, worldwide, that needs to be fixed.

The Human Being controls the whole human race, especially the humans. Human problems, human actions, human disrespect, human racisim, human bullying.

The truth about Donald Trump:

  • Human
  • Bully
  • Semitism
  • Ego
  • Racist….and all the rest

Meditation is the answer to all of this – when we meditate we shut off our Human (problem) side, and let our Being (spiritual) side become in charge.

Thank God for the USA freedom of speech. I am a Veteran, an imigrant from Sicily. I became a US Citizen in Germany, while serving in the US Army. God Bless America.

Spiritual Approach to Being in Charge of our Life!

Smoking, drinking alcohol, over-eating, drug abuse – all forms of escape, forms of relaxation, a means to leave your problems behind. What’s the cost? The cost is your health!

Choose – your health vs. meditation!

Meditation is the spiritual approach to deciding who is in charge of our life!

We are a Human and a Being! Our Human side gets us in trouble. Our Being side is our spiritual side. If we allow the Human side to be in charge, we find ourselves getting in trouble, facing challenges and obstacles. If we allow our Being side to be in charge, we are one with our universal spirit.

Enjoy life, live longer – because you’re healthier!