Mr. President!

Mr. President, don’t let your human bully you!

Mr. President, I can help you meditate!


The Devil and God

The Devil and God
by Vincent Lucio Parisi
From the book, Poems: Changes of Life 

The devil is within The HUMAN !
GOD Is within The BE-IN-G(OD) That Loves you ETERNALLY !

The Human And The Being Need to Play The Game of Life In Harmony

The HUMAN Is The PLAYER! The BE-IN-G(OD) Is The Coach!

When The Player (HUMAN) WANTS To be both We have A HUMAN PROBLEM

With a Devilish Sound!

Trump is the Devil within!


by Vincent Lucio Parisi
From the book, Poems: Changes of Life

The most simplest and greatest saying by Jesus.
If you have a Human problem There is also A Human lie. Tell the truth
And the problem Will die!

It must be done Every moment Of our lives.

To stop the Human From telling any kind Of lies!
Just to look good In the World’s eyes.

Spiritual freedom Gives such a high That you feel that You can fly Like a bird into The blue sky With no drugs
To harm your body!

So you don’t have To die to be high
The truth will make you free.

You’ll find it Within you!
At your Be-in-G(od) side!

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What is the True Answer to Racism?

Let’s be honest about racism, do you really want to know the truth? What is causing racism? The answer is simple, it’s the human, the human side of us.

Try this exercise: choose someone to have a conversation with that is willing to participate. If that person is angry or confrontational, ask, who’s talking? Your human side or your being side? Who do you want to be? What’s missing in your life?

Eventually, you can talk to yourself, have a discussion with yourself. Here is an example of a conversation (Act I) from my book, Discovering the International Bully (How To Stop The Human Bully).

Human: And who are you?
Being: I am a being!
Human: A being?
Being: That’s right! A being – spirit. As a matter of fact, your being, your spirit, you know, that little voice in the back of your head that you hear once in a while that says “play nice,” or “be cool”!
Human: Oh! Yeah, but what are you doing there! You’re supposed to be invisible right?
Being: Right! Not this time! I decided to show up this time, because I am sick and tired of waiting for you to listen to me, and I have a big voice so you can really hear me and make sure that you get it and stop with your excuses once and for all! And, if you don’t, I am leaving you!

We are a human AND a being! The human side of us is what gets us in trouble. The human side causes racism, intolerance, wars, bullying – all the negative. The being side is our spiritual side. Our being side is the positive side where there is honest thinking, and more importantly, honest doing. Doing the right thing for ourselves and for others. This is also where we find our true selves. Peace of mind and God within us.