We have met the enemy….

Pogo_-_Earth_Day_1971_posterSome of us may remember the cartoon character, Pogo, written and illustrated Walt Kelly.

In a scene from one of Pogo’s adventures (misadventures?), he states, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

Well, I have found our enemy and it’s the human, bully side of us.

I have also found the anti-bully, and it is the being side of us, our spirital side

And the answer is 1-2-3-Breathing Meditation Motivation.




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How To Stop The Human Bully

Written by award-winning poet and author, Vincent Lucio Parisi, ‘How To Stop The Human Bully’ not only shows anyone how to become their own personal life coach, but also exposes an amazingly simple way to understand oneself. Proving that everyone’s ego is their own worst enemy and responsible for all of their personal problems, Parisi’s text is poised to change lives around the world.


by Vincent Lucio Parisi

Why can’t it be

Christmas every day?

And love as we may

Without any restraint?

Jesus told us

This way:

“Love one another.”


Why can’t it be

Christmas every day?

If God created us all

And God is love

Why do we, humans,

Choose to kill each other

Disobeying God’s order:

“Thou Shalt Not Kill.”


Why can’t it be

Christmas every day?

Why are there so many

Man-made religions?

Are they for selfish reasons,

When God, with different names,

Created us all

With the same unconditional love?


Why can’t it be

Christmas every day?

What a wonderful world

For our children

To live every day in peace

Loving as they may

Without any restraint.