The Human Vicious Cycle

The Human Vicious Cycle

The love of country Or The love of money

The Human Will choose The love of money

Because it can buy Power

To make More money To destroy All Cold wars

For the love Of money Creating A vicious Cycle

Amen !

President Trump has the biggest disease called, “THE HU-MAN BULLY DISEASE” and we have the cure!


Time for a Spiritual Revolution (Resolution?)

As we approach the New Year, it’s time for a Spiritual EVOLUTION and RESOLUTION!

It’s Time For A Spiritual Revolution

By changing
From Archaic
Human negative
(Ego – Greed – Problems – etc)

To Cognitive
Positive Thinking

We can go
Out of space
& come back

And yet we
Cannot go
Within us at all!

The Human
Side of us
Is closed!

It’s the HUMAN
The Devil
Within us!
Claiming to be
The Boss!

The Dictator
Of all of us
That we need
To dispose of!
(Ego – Greed – Problems – Etc)

We need
A spiritual
To finally
Have peace
In this world!


Why Can’t It Be Christmas Every Day?


Why can’t it be Christmas every day?

And love as we may

Without any restraint?

Jesus told us

This way:

“Love one another.”


Why can’t it be Christmas every day?

If God created us all

And God is love

Why do we, humans,

Choose to kill each other

Disobeying God’s order:

“Thou Shalt Not Kill.”


Why can’t it be Christmas every day?

Why are there so many

Man-made religions?

Are they for selfish reasons,

When God, with different names,

Created us all

With the same unconditional love?


Why can’t it be Christmas every day?

What a wonderful world

For our children

To live every day in peace

Loving as they may

Without any restraint.

After the Fact Crazy Trump

We the People are U.S.A., not Trump or any other crazy politician like him.

We are a Human and a Be-in-G(od). Trump’s human side has taken over, like a Mussolini. The human side gets us in trouble, like Trump. Our Be-in-G(od) side is our spiritual side.

Before it’s too late, we need a Spiritual Revolution! Learn how to get in touch with your Be-in-G(od) side, by meditating. It’s easy!

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