Changes: Poems of Life


Changes: Poems of Life – Available on Amazon

All Poems By: Vincent Lucio Parisi
Award Winning Poet & Author

(for real self-freedom & self-esteem)

 The Human and the Being
They need each other
That’s a given!

Playing together in harmony
Called holistic Living!

The Human needs
The Being
So it can
Stay alive
By breathing!

The Being needs
The Human so the spirit
Can show up
In life
And enjoy it!

When the Human
And The Being
Play in harmony
GOD shows up!

The Human problems
Begin when
The human
Wants to be both
The player
(That it is)
And the coach
(That it is not)
The Human
Wants to play God
(that it is not)

The Human
The player
And The Being
Is the coach!

Now we have
A holistic
Winning team!

That’s a given!

Got it?

Any other way
It hasn’t worked!
And it never will
That’s a given!

Got it?

Peace Be With You!


USA What Have You Done!

You have given freedom and democracy
To your people and to the rest
Of the world.
And yet still something is wrong!
The rich are getting richer
And the poor are getting poorer.
You have created a society
That whatever they have
Is never enough.
We cheat, steal and even kill!
To satisfy our Ego.
Be aware that what we call Ego
Is the Human side of us
Doing it to us!
And it’s out of control!
This is who you gave freedom
And democracy to?!
To a crazy person?!
And now it’s going cuckoo!
The whole world over,
Bad economy, wars, etc.
It’s time for the Being (spirit)
Side of us to be in charge
Of us!
Before somebody’s Human (ego)
Pushes the button
And there goes Planet Earth!
We need more Being (spiritual)
Freedom and less Human (ego) freedom!
Cuckoo freedom!
Crazy freedom!

The Human Vicious Cycle

The love of country


The love of money

The Human

Will choose

The love of money


It can buy


To make

More money

To destroy


Cold wars

For the love

Of money


A vicious Cycle

Amen !

The Salvation or Destruction of the Human Race and Planet Earth

The debacle of Washington and Wall Street

Shows the greediness

The egotistical and selfishness

Of the Human race

The Human side of us

Has, throughout history and is

Committing mental and physical


Against itself and others.

It must be stopped

For the Human race

And planet Earth

To survive.

That is a personal responsibility

That must change

The greedy, egotistical and selfishness

Of the Human side of us

Must learn to work in harmony

With the Being (spiritual) side of us

In order to reach

A harmonious, happy medium of living

In the middle of the road

And equality




The World Is My Country

There Are No Strangers To Me

Man Has No Boundary

The World Is My Country
How Also Can It Be!

When They All Laugh and Cry
Love And Sigh
Born And Die
Like I

The World Is Made of Different Nationalities

But It’s All Human Race To Me

There Are No Strangers To Me

This A Reality Must Be

It’s Easy To See This World Is Made of You and Me

And No One Also Can Change It
But You and Me

You Are No Stranger With Me

Your Child and Mine
The Future To Be

Will Be Grateful
To You And To Me

This World Is Made Of
You And Me

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