Testimonials From Schools

The response from the students and the staff has been extremely positive. Due to its success, we hope to offer this program again next year.
– L.R., Vocational School Supervisor, Middlesex County Board of Education

You held the full attention of these 5th through 8th grade students. The still refer to “human” and “being” in their conversations and in the correct context. We are looking forward to your return visit.
– B.S. Elementary School Club Advisor, C.W. Goetz School

I think the show was great. I learned a lof of stuff I didn’t know and very interesting. I like the puppets the best!
– R.Y., Student, Goetz School, Jackon, NJ

Thank you for taking the time to visit the builders club. It’s good to know that somebody takes time like that to tell others that you should look towards the positive of a situation. It’s very nice of you to show us that making choices is important and we should listen that making choices is important and we should listen to our “being” coach.
– C.H. and T.M.

Testimonials From Public Officials

I appreciate your taking the time to write. It’s important to me to hear the thoughts and experiences of people who care about the future of America and the world. We face many challenges ahead, and in order for us to come together and build consensus, we must all share our ideas and concerns. Your letter is valuable to me. Thank you.
– Sincerely, Bill Clinton, The White House