Post Meditation Exercises

Gentle, soothing exercises for your body, after you meditate. These exercises can be done seated and require no stress on your body.

Who Are You?

“Success Is You” presentation at Ocean County College. Life is too short, stop being so serious! You have a choice. Life is a game, but everything we do is a game within the game of life. Life is not a sport game, it’s not a spectator’s game.

You have the choice to sit and watch life or live and enjoy it, that’s what life is all about. Life has no enemy, no friends, you have to learn how to play it.

There is no “secret” to life. Honest Thinking: YOU are the secret.

The “excellence” game is played by rules, it’s played on a win-win basis. It’s cooperation, not competition.

We are all perfect, making human mistakes. YOU make the difference, YOU are the difference, YOU are the world, YOU are everything.

Stop playing games that destroy you, be your own best friend. Play hard, give it all you got, and have a good time!


Personality Types:

Hiding: shy, part of who we could be; part of the HUMAN level. Change I am shy, to I feel shy.

Boredom: I am bored,  how you feel; part of the HUMAN level.

Who you are is the BEING level, your seed.

Sadness: I am sad, cannot create happiness; say I feel sad; part of the HUMAN level.

Victim: You can be a victim of yourself, of others, of life as a whole; part of the HUMAN level.

Angry: an angry person cannot fix anything, as a matter of fact, you can destroy things. Say you are experiencing anger, it is a feeling.

Covert Hostility: you are trying to be nice, but at the same time “I’m going to get you” – also at the HUMAN level.

Interest: I’m listening, doesn’t sound so bad. You are beginning to grow, allow things to come into your life. Lives at the BEING level.

Enthusiasm: Where everyone wants to be. It becomes infectious and catches on to others, attracting others.  Lives at the BEING level.

Words have power. Our words have power. Change “I am” to “I feel” – you can fix feeling anger, fix feeling sadness. Remember, you are a perfect human. At the BEING level, there’s so many beautiful things that can happen. You are creative, anything can happen, you are one with life. The real you, at the BEING level.

“Success Is You” Discussion

Vincent discusses the importance of hobbies, something that “brings us out” and helps us relax. Hobbies bring joy, not afraid to say who you are, helps build self-confidence as you excel in something you believe in and love.

Hobbies help create identity, who you really are. Nothing is too difficult when you believe in yourself. We’re educated on how to make a living, but we don’t learn how to live. There’s more to life than making a living.


“The world we have made as a result of the level of thinking we have done
thus far creates problems that we cannot solve at the same level
at which we have created them.”
     ~   Albert Einstein

“SUCCESS IS YOU!” Lecture and Seminar Testimonials:

You started our day on such a high note. Your ability to draw people into your presentation and enable them to become participants and team players is truly an effective training style. You made an overwhelming impression on the conference participants. One participant even commented, “I leave this conference knowing I am truly successful.”
“Success is you!” is an important message which meets the needs of today’s society.
College Administrator
Ocean County College

Many of the motivational programs around today are too complex and abstract to appeal to the type of students training in america’s proprietary school. Yours is a seminar which “hits home” in a very simplistic but effective manner. Not only is the message well
received and understood, but the way in which it is transmitted is exciting and fun.
Director, Career Services
Union Technical Institute

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