The Gotcha Game

The human game is a cat-and-mouse, gotcha! game with a who’s right/wrong, win/lose system, and bad results. The results (good or bad) will prove your kind of game.

“The world we have made as a result of the level of thinking we have done thus far creates problems we cannot solve at the same level of thinking at which we created them.” — Albert Einstein

Very simply, we have been, and are thinking, at a human level causing a multitude of human problems. We need to go to the next level of thinking, the being – spirit level, in order to solve and/or prevent human problems. The key of the “Success is You!” concept and life is based on the discovery and application of “the real you!”

In sports, we have the player (human) and the coach (being). The problems arise when the player (human) wants to be both player and coach. We have the best life coach within us, the being (spirit-God).



The human = sport game

Win-lose right-wrong

The being = life’s game

Win-win results

Who is the real you

The human is mortal, the being is eternal


(everyday life)

The most popular game in town, the Gotcha Game! (I am right, and you’re wrong) (I win, and you lose) Ha! Ha!


Show possibilities

• Read some poems.

• Sing some poems.

• Do both.

• Choose hot topics that will make a difference.

• Give quick info about who you are and how to play the game of life.

• Spend more time on the hot topics applying the concept of S.I.U., making the show funnier and easier to get the message, less lecturing and boring.

• Make these two characters, the human and the being, talk to one another by expressing their thinking and behavior aloud.

• Open as if they really are two separate identities in one person, which is really true in real life. It’s thinking aloud to yourself, arguing with yourself, trying to make sense and /or trying to come to a decision, and how to live it with all the lies and violence that the human creates and does to oneself and others through the word of love you, I care, etc.

• Must show how these two characters, identities, come together and play together in the right position, the human and the being, the player and the coach, showing the importance of both to each other, bringing peace, harmony, and happiness to one another, to others, and naturally to life as a whole.

• There is the dialogue going on in our heads be- tween the human and the being with us all the time. Make it funny and loud. It’s a piece of cake! Talk for the audience. Do and say it for the audience’s therapy.

• Like they do in wrestle mania and/or stand-up comedians.

Here we have two guys talking for one, which at the end is one guy talking and living at peace for two. It starts with two guys and ends with one at peace, amen.


Perfect example of a sport game application to life, win – lose and right – wrong, played by the human in everyday life causing most of its problems.

Make a team of the six personalities and make a team out of the human and the being by each knowing their positions.

The being = the coach – coaching and letting the hu- man know it and stopping it from making decisions. Boo-boos – the human doing whatever it feels like and trying to get away with it.

The human must know that it’s paying the consequences. It must be out in the open. The player plays, and the coach coaches, and that’s it!

Being: (anger with laughter) Play nice! Why can’t you play nice?

Human: I don’t know why! I can’t explain it! I guess that’s the way I am. I can’t help it. This is the way I was born. I am only human.

Being: Oh! Really? You are so smart that you outsmart yourself and so good at it that you don’t even know it, even when your peace of mind is gone, you still insist that it’s not your fault! Isn’t that incredible? You’re not just a human, you are also a being that’s me. Remember me? I am your coach, your life’s coach. I am here. Use me. Ask me. That’s my job. That’s my purpose.

Human: I don’t know. I don’t know.

Being: That’s an excuse. Ask me. You don’t know? But, I know! So, ask me. For God’s sake! For your sake and mine, don’t play the part of the big shot, the know it all. That’s not your job.

Your job is to play. My job is to show you how to play in order for you to be happy. Is that so bad? Is that too much to ask? Isn’t that what you want? Being happy? That’s what you say, “I want to be happy! I want to be happy!” Then, you drive yourself crazy.

I really think that sometimes, or most of the time, you are crazy and drive everyone else crazy! If other people would do to you what you do to yourself, you would kill them. Yet, you do it to yourself and think nothing of it, and that’s okay! I mean, really, does this make sense to you?

Human: I am confused. I am stupid!

Being: You’re not confused. You’re not stupid that’s how you feel. Feel confused. Feel stupid.

Being: You’re not who you think you are. I am sad. I am angry. I am sick. I am stupid, and all that stuff. That is how you feel and feelings can be changed, fixed. You feel sick, feel sad, feel angry, or feel stupid. Who you really are is a perfect spiritual being having a human experience called life. After I am, must follow “a perfect spiritual being” always.

Human: Oh sure, sure, it’s easy for you to say that. It’s not that easy for me! You don’t know me.

Being: Yes, I do. I do know you! I have been with you since you were born and before. I have been watching what you are doing to yourself and to others, committing mental and physical violence, and it’s time to stop it once and for all, enough is enough, before you destroy yourself and others completely, so again, you are outsmarting yourself, and you are paying the price. I am not waiting till then. It’s too late!

Human: Okay! Okay! I guess you are right!

Being: You guess! You guess! This is not about guessing and not about being right. It’s about being happy, about really living with joy and peace. What is wrong with you? You think of one thing and you say something else and do something completely different and then complain that you’re not happy, you’re not lucky, and all that stuff to get yourself off the hook.

Human: All along is saying “But, but, but,” trying to stop the being from continuing talking.

Being: But nothing. Just listen. I’ve had it with you, or I am leaving. I told you that before, and if I do, you know what happens, don’t you? You’re dead, dead right! That’s one time that you’re really right.

Dead right. Finished. Kaput. Finito.

And, remember I don’t really need you. I can go to someone else that listens to me.

Human: Hey! Where did you get that sense of humor?

Being: To put up with your craziness, I have to have good sense of humor, or off with your head! You’re lucky that I have this sense of humor!

Human: That’s not so funny you know.

What is a Human Being?

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? We are all Human Beings. It sounds like each person we see around us. But we are each two separate entities: The Human and The Being

The Human is our ego side. That which wants to take over and run the show. The Human does not always take others into consideration. This part of us can become our enemy and can stop us from evolving and growing.

The Being is our Be-InG(od) side. This is the part of us that is the higher being. As the French philosopher/priest Pierre Teilhard de Cardin states, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Obviously, we need both sides of us to work properly. We cannot function as pure spirit. We need the Human side of us to function, to feel and to use all of our senses, However, if we only use our Human side, we make poor decisions. We live in the ego and make decisions that are not for the greater good. We event vote for who will be the best for ourself, rather than who would be best for the greater good.

When the Human the Being show up together, we are whole.

To use an example we can all understand – together the Human and the Being are a team. The Human is the player and the Being is the coach. Neither one can win without the other. The Coach (Being) makes the best decisions for the team (the greater good). The Player (Human) is needed to make the plays, but should not make the important decisions in life.

Which part of you is in charge? If it is the Human, you need to take a long look at yourself. Bring forth your Being. Let the Being in yourself loose and make decisions in your work and your life for the good of all.

YOU can change your world. Once you do, you can change the world around you. You can start voting for the right candidates. You can start understanding how important you are in your own life and others’. Bring out your Being!

Learn how to play and WIN the game of life at

Glenn Beck & Michael Moore on NBC’s Meet the Press

Recent comments by Glenn Beck,, on NBC’s Meet The Press supports our philosophy. Mr. Beck comments that “we have to change our course…as individuals, now.” The overall feeling in America is that nobody is listening, we’re shouting over each other. Nobody is listening to the hard-working American who doesn’t feel like they belong to anything anymore. 

Donald Trump is a Human Bully!

Donald Trump Is a Human Bully!

The recent Presidential debate proved once and for all that Donald Trump is a bully. A man who feels the need to interrupt more than 50 times when his opponent is speaking is a bully. A man who lies when he denies saying he was in favor of the Iraq war. A man who shows his worse angels when he speaks about a young Miss Universe and calls her names because he doesn’t like her. He is a human bully.

That doesn’t make him evil. It doesn’t make him the devil or the enemy. What it makes him is completely human. That’s why I called him the Human Bully. The Human part of Donald Trump has programmed him to react a certain way. That’s how it is with bullies. A lifetime of programming that requires him to go offensive whenever he gets on the defensive.

Call him a name and he will attack you. Say he is wrong and he will get defensive and attack you. He cannot take criticism and doesn’t know how to roll with the punches. Maybe he never had to as he was born on Third Base and told you’ll be the Home Run King. And he has become that successful, so he believes he has the right to be a bully because he is more worthy than you. And to reinforce that he needs to repeat over and over the concept of “the Best”. He has the best hotels. The best ideas and people belong to Trump. He’ll be the Best Jobs President if not the Best President ever. We have all head it and know this is the Human Bully speaking.

A Bully rarely changes. It cannot because it is hardwired a certain way. The human rules are “I am right, you lose.” A loss in November may serve to temporarily humble it but it will ultimately blame others as that is what a bully does.

Trump will never learn but he serves as an extreme example of how a bully can be powerful yet so out of touch with his own reality. It’s a lesson we should all look at and gain insight. We should ask ourselves what is it in us that we would ever consider allowing a Bully like Trump be in charge of the Human Spirit that makes America great. It is something to ponder as we head to November.

~ Doug Strugibenetti

Who’s in Charge of Donald Trump?

Who’s in Charge of Donald Trump?

Every day Donald Trump has another implosion showing his unfitness for the Presidency. Whether it’s his vulgar comments, his insensitivity to the American hero Capt. Kahn and his family or his unnecessary and uncalled for attack on the American judge with a Mexican ancestral background, Trump always seems to go too far and reaches for his worst instinct in responding to any issue. It makes award-winning author and lecturer, Vincent Parisi, wonder why this is and exactly who’s in charge of Donald Trump.

There’s not one of us who doesn’t have a bit of Donald Trump inside us. You know, the ego driven person who is a fighter, a thinker and a reactor. Someone who we call Human is flawed because that “Human” is controlled by its negative emotions in everything we do. Trump is a perfect example of an individual extremely controlled by his emotions: the need to tweet at 2 a.m. to respond to insults perceived or otherwise. The fixation of always seeing how events may affect him first as when Brexit occurred and he saw it as an opportunity to make more money from his Scottish golf course. Or his famous name calling of his Republican Presidential opponents demeaning them by using terms like “Lying Ted” and “Little Marco.”

Clearly, Trump is controlled by his Human side. But what about his “Being” side? Does he even have one?

Human Being. It’s a term we all have heard and have taken for granted. The two words connected and formed together in our mind. Yet, really the two words are separate and distinct with each of them playing a different part in our experience. We are, and Trump is too, both a Human and a Being. The question is which one is in charge?

Just as car batteries have a negative and positive post, so do humans. The “Human”being the negative and the “Being” being the positive. When they work in harmony in a vehicle, the battery works and the vehicle moves forward. And in human life when they don’t work well together, they sputter along similar to how Trump reacts now almost every day when he falls prey to his worst instincts.

The Being is not only your spiritual side but it’s your best foot forward. It’s the voice that says “play nice.” It’s the energy you find to move forward against the odds. It’s not how we feel but who we are and therefore it is eternal.

You can say that the “Being” is really short for Be-in-God if you want to view a being in a spiritual way. A “Being” or a Spirit essentially representing a positive or loving force.So then, when you think of Donald Trump are you seeing someone whose Human is in charge? 

Mr. Parisi believes that the human side of us historically has, and is, committing mental and physical violence against itself and others and it must be stopped for the human race to survive!

Trump’s campaign so far has been all about his human side with no sense of any spiritual or being side. Whether the Being will ever show up remains in great doubt but it will require him to do three things which he so far has been adverse to do:Listen, Think and then Speak. So far, Trump only seems to speak or should we say “tweet” so it doesn’t look like that we’ll see his “BEING” side soon.

Vincent Parisi is a certified Hypnos counselor, author, poet, motivator and a lecturer on self-esteem and spirituality. He is a national award winner for poetry, and has done numerous lectures and seminars on these subjects. He is also the winner of a DALE CARNEGIE course in NYC for best speech and human relations. Mr. Parisi’s latest book that deals with breaking the human code, Discovering The International Human Bully! The Real You, Defeating the Enemy Within, is available on Amazon.